Merchant Cash Advance

The merchant’s cash advance is not a loan; it is the sale of future revenues from credit cards. This means that if a company collapses before its repayment, there is no debt. Andy Fiscella, actor and owner of Dime, a bar and showroom in Los Angeles, knows that running a small business is like being

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Bank Debit

Most of us want to be able to take advantage of extra money when we find ourselves in some “sub-franchise” situation. One of the possibilities for such extra funds, give us the banks in which we have accounts. For virtually every bank offers its clients a debit on the account. How does it work? Simply

Where to Borrow Money on the Weekend

  Unexpected expenses can “jump” us every day. Also on non-working days, such as Saturday or Sunday. After all, even in these days, the tap may break down and we will have to call a plumber, we can find a unique promotion for the dressed dress, and the money will appear in a few days.